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The 3 Best Mushrooms Supplements for Sleep

Do you struggle to get consistent, high-quality sleep? With 50 million Americans suffering from at least one of the 80 different types of sleep disorders. novel and non-addictive solutions required to combat this chronic issue. Medicinal mushrooms supplements can be an effective and safe alternative to sedatives. or sleeping pills at night, and these same mushrooms have various other benefits for health as a bonus.
With busy lifestyles and never-ending to-do lists, it’s harder than ever to recharge your batteries. Even with the best bed-time intentions. you might find yourself staying up later than you intended. Or worse, you find yourself lying there wide-eyed and unable to fall. asleep even though you’re exhausted. Once asleep, it can be a struggle to stay asleep, or to sink into the restful slumber we need for our brains and bodies to work.
We’ve all been there before. But what does this mean for your health? And how can mushrooms supplements help?
You know sleep is important, so let’s dive into how mushrooms supplements can help you get those sweet. dreams you desire. There are even certain kinds of mushroom extracts you can take in the morning, to help your mind ease into. wakefulness and focus. We’ll also show you how an easy-to-follow. mushroom protocol can restore your natural circadian rhythm.
The Biology of Sleep: Circadian Rhythm & Hormones
Your circadian rhythm is your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. it’s an internal clock that runs in the background – telling you when to go to sleep and when to wake up.
The problem is many people ignore their body’s sleep signs, which causes disrupted biorhythms. this leads to an inability to fall or stay asleep and results in groggy, sluggish mornings.
Why do those groggy mornings happen?
Because your hormones get thrown out of whack. Your hormones are chemical messengers that allow your body systems to communicate with each other. and signal internal processes that keep you healthy. As you sleep, your body goes through various sleep cycles. In each cycle, you produce key hormones such as growth hormone (that helps you heal) and prolactin. As that’s happening other hormones, like cortisol and thyroid-stimulating hormone, inhibited. So, sleep is crucial for regulating hormone levels and keeping you balanced. (a biological state called homeostasis).
The Hormones At Play
Take melatonin for example. Melatonin is a unique hormone because it’s secreted when it’s dark. Melatonin has a big job to do since it’s the hormone responsible for sleep. But that’s not all, it’s also a powerful neuroprotectant promoting. mitochondrial health plus healthy physical and mental aging.
Irregular sleep patterns disrupt the balance of various hormones.
Then you have cortisol that peaks in production in the morning and is linke with your circadian rhythm. Cortisol levels that are too high or too low can cause an array of sleep problems. As you know, stress plays a big role in cortisol production. which is why those who experience chronic stress are likely to have an irregular sleep pattern.
Our body’s hormonal system responds to perceived and actual threats in the same way. releasing stress hormones like cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. When irregular sleep patterns become a regular occurrence in your life. stress hormones can build up and may contribute to disease. Over time the constant release of these stress hormones can deplete your body’s resilience.
A 2019 study on sleep deprivation summarizes that the disruption in biorhythms and hormones from. lack of sleep has “profound negative consequences on metabolism. the immune response, memory, and survival.
Poor Sleep Has Serious Consequences
It’s no secret your body needs quality sleep each night to function.
But many don’t realize how over time a lack of sleep or disrupted circadian rhythm can make you sick. Even jet lag can take a toll on you. It makes a ton of sense when you think about it, we’ve evolved with the rhythms of the sun.
Now, you might not be surprise to learn that poor sleep has been associate with:
  • Diabetes
  • Decreased immune system function
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Decreased stress resilience
  • Cognitive and mental decline
  • Decreased testosterone levels in men
  • Obesity
  • Poor heart health
Since sleep and hormone regulation are so intertwined, it makes sense no why a chronic lack of sleep. and the ensuing disruption of the biological processes that support homeostasis. may play a role in such a variety of health conditions.
So important is sleep to bio-regulation, that one night of sleep deprivation increases the accumulation. of proteins (β-amyloid) in the brain that are associate with Alzheimer’s disease risk. So, it is easy to see how the accumulated burden. on the body from chronic sleep deprivation has the potential to lead to illness.
The good news is there is a natural and safe way to support your body’s healthy sleep and wake cycle.

Medicinal Mushrooms for Sleep to Support Healthy Biorhythms

Mushrooms supplements have played a critical role in supporting. natural sleep cycles for centuries. In fact, medicinal mushrooms have an impressive list of benefits including. increased energy, longevity, and increased immune function – to name a few.
Not All Mushrooms Supplements Are Created Equal
Before we touch on this topic, let’s take a moment to talk about the fact that not all mushrooms supplements are created equal.
While some companies claim their product made of mushrooms, many are actually made. from mycelium which is the mushroom root structure. Be on the lookout for products that aren’t made from the actual mushroom. or fruiting body, and instead use grains and mycelium.
Mushrooms supplements need to be source from the mushroom (fruiting body). for most potency and medicinal effects.
Active Compounds in Mushrooms Supplements
Medical mushrooms have many active compounds that assist in sleep. and provide a slew of powerful health benefits. Some of these compounds include:
  • Beta-d-glucans (polysaccharides) – Long-chain carbohydrates that are one. of the most active compounds in mushrooms that boosts the immune system.
  • Triterpenoids – One of the most beneficial compounds in reishi. Helpful for liver functioning.
  • Polyphenols – Antioxidants present in the fruiting body to reduce free radical damage.
  • Ergosterol – Has antioxidant and immunomodulating properties.
  • Ergothioneine – Antioxidant that helps reduce the effects of stress.
  • Glutathione – Antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress.
To reap the benefits of these compounds, be sure you’re purchasing only the highest quality medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms supplements’ adaptogenic properties. make them a sought-after product for anyone who is health-conscious. or looking for natural remedies for common ailments.
Adaptogens help to balance your body by promoting homeostasis of both body and mind. ( the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis). They also work to relieve stress and support cortisol production. For this reason, studies have found adaptogens act as sleep aids.
Mushrooms are adaptogens, which means they help your body adapt to physical and mental stresses. This comes in handy if the stress in your life is impacting your sleep.

The Ultimate Mushroom Supplement Protocol for Better Sleep

As you can see, mushrooms are a true health powerhouse for the human body.
That’s why we’ve made an easy-to-follow mushroom protocol to enhance your. circadian system and improve sleep. This helps you achieve restorative sleep states and leaves you feeling. energized throughout the day. The protocol uses reishi at night with Lion’s Mane and cordyceps in the morning. to stabilize and support healthy biorhythms.
What Are Reishi Mushrooms?
Reishi Mushrooms
Reishi is often called the “mushroom of immortality.” It’s known to be a powerful medicinal mushroom. for bettering sleep and reducing stress and fatigue.
You might be surprise to learn the reishi mushroom has been around for around 2000 years. The Chinese used them to enhance calmness and were even a favorite remedy. of Chinese royalty for increasing longevity. So even after all these years we still recognize the health benefits. of consuming pure mushroom extracts.
Red reishi growing at our organic farming facility.
How to Use Reishi Mushrooms
It’s best to use reishi mushroom supplements each evening before bed. Because of this mushroom’s beneficial properties for sleep. it’s great for regulating your natural biorhythm. This gets you into a deeper state of rest and leaves you feeling rejuvenated in the morning.
Reishi mushrooms’ immunomodulatory properties also help us deal with external stressors. This, in turn, helps us sleep. Reishi can be use for insomnia, aging, and other various ailments. Too addition, medicinal mushrooms are considere to have anti-fatigue functions. Reishi itself has rich antioxidant properties which can help to promote. the balance of biological systems to reduce fatigue.
reishi comes in a mushroom supplement form. Our Real Mushrooms Reishi Supplement made from 100% pure. organic reishi mushrooms and has no added fillers. You place some into your favorite smoothie, favorite drink, or add to a recipe. We also have an entire page dedicated to. incorporating our Real Mushrooms supplements into many different drinks and foods.
A delicious treat pairs with our reishi extract is CBD hot chocolate. This warm drink is comforting and soothing after a long day. The CBD Total Body Care capsules have added curcumin. and magnesium to reduce inflammation and promote a feeling of calmness.
Our customers have shared how taking our Reishi mushroom extract has helped them:
Incorporating reishi mushrooms into your nighttime routine sets the tone for deep, healing sleep. And if you choose to drink reishi, there’s nothing like a warm, calming beverage to relax you before bed.
Taking reishi before bed can help relax the mind and lead to better quality sleep.
How to buy Reishi Mushrooms
It’s important to make well-informed decisions when it comes to purchasing mushroom supplements. With misinformation in the marketplace, it’s crucial to know. where your mushrooms come from. Check that they are source from 100% mushrooms –the fruiting body – and are third party tested. At Real Mushrooms, our reishi mushrooms have. higher levels of medicinal compounds than other products on the market.
Real Mushrooms Reishi 415 Bulk Powder passes all these standards. We pride ourselves in offering only the. best in mushrooms supplements at a purity level you won’t find elsewhere.
Go ahead and compare our product with competitors’ to see the difference. You might be surprise at how little actual mushroom is inside some mushroom supplements.

What Are Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Lion’s Mane known as the “mushroom for the mind.” It’s a rich source of neuroprotective and immunomodulatory properties. These properties make it a strong supporter of healthy brain function.
Lion’s Mane may help to improve mental function and memory. People of advanced age can take it to help improve recall and thinking skills. Other issues that Lion’s Mane may be beneficial for include cognitive decline, depression. anxiety, and blood sugar regulation. It works by improving the function and development of nerves within your body. and can even stimulate the growth of new brain cells by stimulating the production of nerve growth factor (NGF).
Lion’s Mane also works by advancing the sleep-wake cycle and decreasing wakefulness during the active phase of sleep (REM). So, Lion’s Mane before bed could be helpful for delayed sleep phase syndrome. Too, Lion’s Mane has further immune-modulating properties that help us deal with external stressors. This, in turn, helps us achieve more restful sleep.
Full-grown Lion’s Mane mushroom from the Real Mushrooms organic farm.
How to Use Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
Use Lion’s Mane in the morning when you wake up. This helps to restore your biorhythm by keeping you alert and priming your brain for optimal function. Some people are also taking Lion’s Mane before bed and say it helps with getting a restful night of sleep.
There are no added fillers in Real Mushrooms’ 100% organic Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement. This ensures you get the full medicinal effects of the product.
To consume, add some to a yummy beverage or treat. Or, you can “stack” your Lion’s Mane extract with CBD Total Body Care capsules to give you an extra. non-stimulant, cognitive boost when you need it.
Incorporating Lion’s Mane mushrooms in your morning routine ensures you’re. ready to take on the day with a clear mind. The added benefit of regular use of Lion’s Mane is its longer-term brain-protecting properties. Whether you add it to a beverage or food, you’re sure to enjoy its potent medicinal benefits.
Real Mushrooms’ customers have experienced. much energizing and mind-enhancing effects from Lion’s Mane.
How to buy Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
As with reishi mushroom, it’s so important to be aware of what you’re purchasing. when you get mushroom supplements. Look for extracts derived from the mushroom (fruiting body). to ensure they have high levels of medicinal compounds.
Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane Extract contains no fillers or additives. You can rest assured that our Lion’s Mane is practitioner approved and third-party tested. When you combine the sleep-enhancing effects of reishi mushrooms. with the cognitive enhancing benefits of Lion’s Mane, you can support your biorhythms.
For your enjoyment, we have an easy-to-follow recipe video for two different ways to make Vegan Mushroom Golden Milk. Both recipes include either reishi mushrooms or Lion’s Mane which are combine. with other adaptogenic ingredients to make a delicious, appealing, healthy drink.
What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?
Cordyceps can reset biorhythms, particularly when dealing with jet lag. Studies show it helps adjust to time changes to lessen the biological effects of jet lag. Cordyceps is able to cross the blood-brain barrier causing rapid. induction of the circadian phase.16
Cordyceps have been use for asthma, lack of energy, also to liver, lung, and kidney support. But cordyceps are also beneficial for increased exercise performance. immunomodulation, and for decreasing fatigue.
True Cordyceps sinensis isn’t present in 99% of supplements currently because it’s price tag is so high. It’s the most expensive mushroom in the world ringing in at over $22,000 per kilogram. so, Cordyceps militaris is the species you will find in your supplements. Cordyceps militaris has similar benefits to Cordyceps sinensis without the astronomical. price tag due to the ability to cultivate it at scale.
Fresh cordyceps mushrooms from the Real Mushrooms organic farm.
How to Use Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps Mushroom

Use Cordyceps by adding it to your favorite beverage or taking it in capsule form. Real Mushrooms produces both forms and our powder is also hot water-soluble which. means you can add it to hot tea without the worry of clumps forming.
You can always double-up on the mushroom types you use, to maximize the variety of benefits you get. Taking both Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps together can increase. their energizing and bio-regulating effects.
Our Real Mushrooms customers often share their results from using our Cordyceps supplement.
How to buy Cordyceps Mushrooms
At Real Mushrooms, we offer Cordyceps-M – 60g Bulk Powder and Cordyceps-M Capsules. Both products are genuine, 100% organic cordyceps militaris mushrooms. They contain more than 25% beta-glucans, meaning what you get is pure. potent mushroom benefits, no fillers.
can mushrooms help you sleep
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Can you eat mushrooms if you left them out overnight?
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Can mushrooms Make you Sleepy?
Shrooms will make me very sleepy as they begin to take hold. I always go with it. That’s the beginning of a mushroom trip for me; siesta. If I can I go lie down, if there is no place comfortable to lie down I sit with my back against. something sturdy and close my eyes for a while.
Can you still eat mushrooms if they are slimy?
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