Be Yourself (Core) Microdose


Each glass bottle contains: 50 capsules x 100mg Psilocybe Cubensis


Be Yourself (Core) Microdose Psilocybin Capsules

Designed to be the perfect microdose of Psilocybin. Be yourself proven to promote greatest mental health. Sourced from 100% organic psilocybe cubensis. it known to regulate one’s mood by reducing the effects of stress anxiety, and depression. With continued use, studies show an increase in one’s sense of well-being to be the best version of yourself.

Recommended Use of

Be Yourself (Core) Microdose Psilocybin Capsules

Promotes greatest mental health and regulates mood by reducing stress. anxiety, and depression. Increases sense of well-being so you can feel like the best version of yourself.

Each glass bottle contains 50 capsules. Each capsule is 100mg and contains 100mg Psilocybe Cubensis.

Although Psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) has large profound effects. Be formulate “Boosters” to supercharge your wellness even further. and introduce some of Earth’s most beneficial nootropics. These mushrooms have been use for centuries. in different parts of the world and have been proven to offer a wide host of benefits. Each of the various adaptogens has its own unique properties that synergize well with one another. Be Yourself and Be Boosters are formulat so they can be take. or stacked together depending on your goals.

Recommended Dose:

Dosing schedules can vary based on individual preference. Please refer to our FAQ to find a schedule that best suits your needs.


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