Psilocybe Utopia


Strength: Very strong, only second to our Hollandia
Effect: Great visuals, philosophical thoughts, wonderful body high
Content: 1 vacuum sealed bag containing 15 gram truffles

Psilocybe Utopia

The Psilocybe Utopia is one of our showpieces. It takes you to a magical world where you will see as much with your eyes closed as with your eyes open. One moment plays out in slow motion and the next moment in fast forward. You will see colours, lights and patterns which you cannot see . A must for everyone who likes to trip.
The Psilocybe Utopia is a variant of the Psilocybe Atlantis. and has been cultivate so it can grow for much longer. magic truffles are ripe for harvest after 4 to 6 months. But, the Utopia can get up to 9 months. This way it also produces a lot more psilocybin than the other species. Only the Psilocybe Hollandia comes close to that, but that has a different effect.
Because the Psilocybe Utopia is a very strong species. beginners should be careful with the dosage. Half a part of 7.5 g suffices in that case. Experiences users can take a whole part. Amazing visuals, philosophical thoughts and a pleasant body high are guarantee.
This Utopia gives you a trip you will never forget and will want to share with everyone. Because the trip is very clear and intense you experience everything. with a great deal of awareness. Recommended for everyone!


In a world where it is difficult to take a break from everyday life. Psilocybe Utopia magic truffles lighten the burden. A short excursion with these truffles is enough to regenerate the mind and spirit. without having to leave the comfort of your home.
Unlike magic mushrooms (which are fruiting bodies). magic truffles grow underground in the form of sclerotia. dense nuggets of psychoactive power. Despite this difference with their cousins living on the surface of the ground, Utopia magic truffles contain the same compounds responsible for triggering a striking psychedelic trip (psilocybin, psilocin, etc.).
To help them reach the peak of their potency. Psilocybe Utopia magic truffles brought to maturity. for about 10 months before being harveste.



Psilocybe Utopia was born from. a desire to maximize all aspects of a psychedelic trip intensity. duration, visuals and much more. Like Psilocybe Hollandia. Utopia is for experienced psychonauts looking for a quick trip to another dimension.
With a power rating of 5/5, you know that these little nuggets are home to a hell of a striking force. On the 15 g pack, 5 grams are enough to begin to notice the extent of its effects; 7.5 grams being a moderate dose. Any higher dose will send beginners a little too far into orbit. while experienced psychonauts will be able to immerse themselves. in the ecstatic vibrations of Utopia.





But what does a visit to Utopia look like? While each consumer’s experience may vary. Psilocybe Utopia is know for producing a creative, euphoric, and visual experience. Lower doses will give you a big smile and make you laugh out loud at the peak of the experience. while the higher ones deepen the joy and bring trippy visuals.
There are no bad vibes on Utopia and, even if you encounter unpleasant sensations. you will soon return to Earth, with pleasant memories of your excursion.
Why choose Psilocybe Utopia over other varieties? If you are looking for pure power and strength, this option will propel you into the skies more than any other.


It is important to dose Psilocybe Utopia. Each pack of Utopia magic truffles contains 15 g. and it is recommend that the inexperienced consumer start with a dose of 5–7.5 g at a time. But, if you want to get a better idea of the right dose for your situation, check out our dosing calculator.
, Psilocybe Utopia truffles taste much lighter and more pleasant than some other varieties of magic truffles. but they need to be chewe well. You can also turn your Utopia sclerotia into an infusion to avoid the chewing process.
In any case, after about 30 minutes. you will begin to feel a surge of energy and creativity as you are torn. from your current situation and propelled to paradise. For the next 3–5 hours, you’ll savor waves of euphoria as Utopia guides you through the psychedelic realm.
Utopia Magic Truffles are delivere in a vacuum-closed bag that can be store in the refrigerator. for up to two months before opening. After opening, truffles should be consume within two days.


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